NEW Hoops!!

THANKS to friends from HOUGHTON LAKE ROTARY CLUB,  Roscommon County Community Foundation and YOU!  

We will be installing  new hoops!!   BY JANUARY 6  They will be up and ready for play!

THANK YOU for helping us achieve our dreams!  

We promise not to hang on them!!

Project: BURN the MORTGAGE!!


Please help us own the building!

We are raising $15,000

This frees up funding for programs and new equipment AND Heat!! !

 THANKS for your contributions!

    –Once we own the building free and clear, we can do much needed improvements to the skatepark, make a game field in the back and more!

Thank you for considering our improvements and projects to help the kids and the community!

Call today!  989-387-1950   Your donations are tax-deductable!

All donor names and companies will be honored on a special mortage-burning plaque in the hallway!!

THANK YOU for making a difference in our life!!!



May and July held state and national competitions for Centershot and our local teams swept up the titles!

The state competitions were held this year in Bambi Lake.  Our club members took the top three positions: Ellie Harms, Ireland Selfridge and Haley Spindler. There were several students that went to the national competitions from the local Centershot club.

Haley Spindler, Ireland Selfridge & Allie Harms competed in Kentucky at the national tournament and placed in the top 10 in the nation. Devin Harms, Hunter Bailey and Mackenzie Havlik placed in the top 50 in the nation. For more information about the Centershot Archery Program, contact Gary Harms 989-366-0901.

centershot nationals in kentucky 16centershot huddle


National Shot scores:

Top 10!!

Haley Spindler: 278  3rd place

Ireland Selfridge: 272 7th place

Ellie Harms: 271  8th  place


Top 50!!

Devin Harms: 260  12th place

Hunter Bailey: 233 24th place

Mackenzie Havlik: 221 42nd place


Congratulations kids!!  Great job!  We are very proud of all your hard work!



Raise the Roof Musical Event


You helped us raise over $400! to fix our bathroom roof leak!

Featured talent: Carrie Westbay and Logan Moore

 Gary King, Verne Jeske, Scott Marra, Matt Birk and the FBs  🙂 (you’ll know them)

We appreciate any donations you would like to share to help with the final roof repairs on the bathrooms!  

We are also trying to raise the funds to burn the mortgage this summer!!  We’ll celebrate with a giant BBQ picnic!!  You’ll all be invited!  Thank you in advance for sharing what ever you can to help us reach our goals!   The goal is $19,000! 


Pirate Song13232999_10153485780246987_8897090346709893873_n


YES!  The Gym Roof is Fixed!!

And you all helped!

 The entire Houghton Lake Community and more have provided the needed funds, $32,600 to make it happen.

We also want to note that the volunteer network was incredible!  Harms Roofing provided the majority of the manpower at their own cost and we highly recommend their company for your roofing and construction needs!!  Our local friends of Artesia spent hot days on the roof helping and handling the steel.

We could not have done this project without all of your help!!  We are now DRY!!!

PART_1437063836318_IMG_3014 PART_1437075406819_IMG953018PART_1438186453929_IMG953064 THANK YOU ALL!!!!