A Word from JoJean

Thanks for visiting our site! Like an artesian well that flows from deep in the earth without stopping, Artesia Youth Park was started as a vision from God to refresh our community and our young people. Since that first day, the support from the community and youth has not stopped!
We want Artesia to be a place of encouragement so teens can walk away feeling valued and empowered to do great things with their life. We encourage healthy life choices of all kinds and cooperate with all youth organizations in our community and state that have the same mission of valuing youth. We also encourage youth leadership and community service. Kids are powerful and can do great things!
We hope you will become a supporter of our vision!

Having fun at Artesia!

Having fun at Artesia!


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    My name is Trevor Heyd. I am a skateboarding/beatboxing evangelist founded out of Jackson M.I. I am just wondering what you facility is like. Does it have a skatepark?
    I was also wondering if you ever have any events that may be in use of a speaker. If so I would love to come and work with you in bringing hope into teenagers lives (my website provides more of that info).
    And lastly, I just put together a Christian skate team, built of jackson locals. I was wondering what the possiblity would be of us being able to come do some kind of demo for an event?

    Thank you very much. I hope to hear back from you soon!


      • Hi!
        Go to our forms page and download the form and bring it in to us, or you can re-email it to us after you save it to your computer.
        See our contact us information or call us at 989-787-0550.
        We got your call Lori! Let us know what you need and when. We’ll look at the calendar and try to help you have a good party.
        Thanks for using Artesia!

  2. We love this place and appreciate all of the volunteers. Thank you! Lindy Peterson and Logan Stanaway

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