Meet the Board!!

We are proud of being part of the Artesia Youth Park Planning  & Management Committee!

We are very active in managing the kid time as well as the finances, and we are interested in your advice in how to make a difference in our kid’s lives!

You are invited to join the board meetings!  Second Monday evenings. Call for more information.

We are always looking for more volunteers as well as kids who would like to be on our board.  We welcome anyone who loves to help kids make good choices in all areas of their lives.

Come and check us out!!  Fill out your form to be a mentor today!  Stop in Saturday afternoons and ask.

Contact us for more information:  Artesia: 989-787-0550

JoJean Thompson, President (Artesia Phone #)

Joel Nutt, Vice President

Valerie Kohn, Treasurer

Karen Bertetto, Secretary

Gary Harms, Manager, Asst. VP

Dale & Rose Cooper, Managers 

Margaret & Ron Senak, Managers

Aaron Smith, Manager

Brandon Scott, Manager


We currently have room on the board for a new member!  

Call today to find out if it is you!!

Pure Joy!

Pure Joy!


3 responses to “Meet the Board!!

  1. is there any way that a financial report can be given to individual contributors or even to the general public on your web site?

    • Hi!
      Of course!! We will send one to you immediately! We follow all the rules for the 501c3 financial transparency.
      I will post one online as soon as possible, as well. Thanks for asking!

    • We hold to general public transparency rules. Anyone can have a financial report at any time emailed to them. We will have an updated report for the website soon. Contributors get updates in the mail twice a year or as monthly if they wish.
      thanks for askin!

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